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Coherix Develops Rugged, High-Speed, Tunable Laser for ShaPix Product Line

Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 28, 2012 — Coherix®, a leader in advanced Robust3D Measurement and Inspection solutions for manufacturing, has developed a new tunable laser source for use in its ShaPix®  product line. The new laser source is a factory floor hardened and compact tunable laser that meets the demands of high uptime and fast cycle times required by Coherix’s core customers. Named the Coherix Integrated Tunable Laser (CiTL), the CiTL has no moving parts, has a smaller form factor, and is designed specifically for use in the ShaPix metrology systems.

“For many years we have been limited to what product designs we can pursue due to the form factor and capability of our tunable laser”, said Mike Mater, Chief Engineer for ShaPix®, “and after failing in our search for off the shelf lasers that we could source we decided that we had to create our own laser. The CiTL allows Coherix® to be much more flexible in its sensor design for current and future ShaPix® models. In the ShaPix team, we always talk about “advancing the art” of holography and with the CiTL we have the opportunity to do just that.”

Coherix® began using the CiTL in its new shipments of current products starting in September of this year. Additionally, Coherix® plans to leverage its new laser design to create more ShaPix® based products in the upcoming year.

Coherix® is a privately held, global supplier of high-speed, high-definition 3D visualization and inspection solutions designed to improve the management of manufacturing processes. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, the company has technical centers in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Coherix products are being utilized around the world at companies such as Intel, Amkor, BorgWarner, Ford, Honda, MAG, Chrysler, General Motors, Micron, Infineon, John Deere, Volvo Technology Transfer and TRW among others.

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