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Assembly Verification and Error-Proofing (Mistake-Proofing)

The Tru3D vision platform facilitates stringent inspection requirements on the plant floor and solves the toughest of inspection problems – problems that can’t be adequately solved with traditional 2D vision systems. It features the Coherix Tru3D sensor, which creates a 3D map of a part surface to perform reliable inspections within a 3D volume.

Instead of simply inspecting the appearance of a part, Tru3D images the real 3D geometry of a part, using millions of data points to identify and contain pass-through defects in the manufacturing process. Tru3D solutions can be configured into application- specific, easy-to-use, efficient, adaptable packaged solutions to meet critical assembly verification requirements.



  • Tru3D sensors generating 3D profile for assembly verification and error-proofing
  • Smart Sensor architecture – SBC and hard drive
  • Self-contained camera, lighting, lensing
  • Three second measurement acquisition time
  • Customizable and configurable inspection
  • Easy to use, non-contact, and no moving parts


Preliminary specifications

  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • PLC communications interfaces
  • USB and HDMI for local keyboard/mouse access
  • Opto-isolated digital I/O with 2 inputs and 2 outputs
  • Operating temperature: 10C-45C degrees
  • Protection: IP50, IP65 option
  • Input power: 24VDC
  • LED-based illumination
  • Standoff: 250mm
  • FOV: 75mm x 75mm

Tru3D front

Tru3D back

Tru3D robot application

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