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Metrology & Inspection Solutions Reduce Product Variation & Increase Value

When you strive to reduce production variation and increase the value of your production line are you finding the following…

    • Difficult to verify and maintain the quality of parts?
    • Tough to meet designer specifications and measurement requirements with off the shelf gages?
    • Unable to find a gage that can accurately and efficiently measure the variation in your process?

Proven Technology, Innovative Solutions

The value that Coherix provides across multiple industries, including semiconductor, electronics and automotive, is the ability to create non-contact, high-speed metrology and inspection solutions from one or more of our core technology platforms.  Coherix has several core technologies that can be adapted to make unique industrial sensors and gages that specifically address these needs and enable producers to maximize their production value. We take our proven technology to specifically address and solve these unique measurement needs.

Project Spotlight: US Navy

The latest example of the adaptation of a Coherix core technology was through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project with the US Navy.  Coherix has been working with the Structures Division of the Navy to create a sensor built from the ShaPix technology to measure pits and corrosion on the interior surfaces of aircraft components. Without hindering any functionality or precision, Coherix shrunk the multi-wavelength, holographic technology to create a solution that measures the corrosion on the interior of an arrestor shank – entering via a 1-inch diameter hole.  With a streamlined process that produces measurements of the corrosion with submicron resolution, the Navy can more accurately and effectively make decisions on how to repair or scrap their critical components.

Let’s Discuss Your Challenges Today!

Coherix understands that each manufacturer has a unique need and that every part that is produced has different specifications that need to be met. We also know that reinventing the measurement and inspection process every time isn’t the way to go. We are excited that we can play an important role in bridging the gap between the manufacturing process and final products. With a love of a 3D challenge, the Coherix professionals are passionate about finding new ways to apply 3D technology and get excited about creating powerful, efficient and cost-savings solutions. To learn more about our experience and the ways we can help you, please contact us.


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