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Predator3D™ Bead Inspection for Glass Application in the Auto Industry

Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 20, 2017Coherix, Inc., a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, today announced officially Predator3D bead inspection solution is capable of inspecting adhesive beads on automotive glass windshields and quarter panels, which is a desirable feature for automotive manufacturers.

Inspection of bead on windshiel

Adhesive beads used in glass applications often have a tall cross section, steep sides, and molding next to the bead, which makes inspection difficult for conventional 3D inspection systems and virtually impossible for 2D inspection systems. Coherix has leveraged its years of experience in 3D adhesive bead inspection to develop a proprietary software algorithm which increases the ease-of-setup and accuracy of glass adhesive inspection. This dedicated software coupled with the industry-hardened 3D inspection hardware of Predator3D provides a complete package optimized for glass adhesive inspection, including measurements of bead width, height, volume, and location.


“Windshields are normally bonded to a vehicle through urethane adhesives, and the integrity of beads on the windshield is essential to prevent water leakage, which is a very customer-sensitive issue. Coherix Predator3D assures that the beads are correctly applied to the windshield, providing relief for end-users,” said Dwight Carlson, CEO of Coherix.

Coherix Predator3D bead inspection is by far the most advanced structural adhesive and sealant bead inspection solution in the market. The company also provides a series of inline Robust3D™ error proofing solutions, such as engine piston assembly verification, rolling finger follower assembly inspection, valve assembly verification, and flexible end-of-line inspection, as well as combustion chamber volume measurement.

For more information about Coherix Predator3D automatic repair function, please call Coherix at (734) 922-4070 or email


About Coherix, Inc.

Coherix, Inc. develops and manufactures high-speed, high-definition 3D machine vision products that enable our customers to manage high-volume precision manufacturing processes. Coherix products are designed for inspection and error-proofing in the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries. Coherix is committed to producing the highest performing 3D machine vision products at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Coherix customers and partners include global end users, system integrators, and distributors, who demand 100 percent reliability that Coherix products provide. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company has offices in the United States, China, Germany, Singapore, and Japan.


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