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Robust 3D Machine Vision Overcomes Problems with Temperamental 2D Vision Cameras

2D vs. Tru3D images

2D vs. Tru3D images

Twenty years ago, the machine vision industry held out great promise that 2D vision cameras could solve multitudes of error-proofing problems in discreet manufacturing plants. Unfortunately, they proved to be temperamental and unreliable, mainly because the 2D vision cameras are susceptible to changes in part color and ambient lighting. As a result, they need to be adjusted constantly in plants. Many plant managers have meetings at the beginning of every shift to receive a report on how many 2D vision cameras need adjustment. Many have stated that it is common to have 15 to 20 percent of their 2D vision cameras needing adjustment.

Now the good news for plant managers is that with robust 3D machine vision, part color and lighting changes are no longer problems. Utilizing Coherix’ robust Tru3D™ sensors to capture millions of data points, the company’s Robust3D™ machine vision solutions create a 3D math model of a part surface. The Robust3D system performs reliable inspections without being affected by the changes of ambient lighting or part color. Predator3D™, Coherix’ latest bead verification product, leverages four laser-based 3D sensors to generate 3D profiles of the beads, which provides the bead width, height, volume and location information.

Coherix customers who have switched from temperamental 2D vision cameras to Robust3D say it saves them tons of time and human labor, and gives them more reliable inspection results! If you are one of those manufacturers who are tired of spending time and money adjusting your temperamental 2D vision cameras, it’s time to make the change.

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