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Solution-Focused Machine Vision Industry

Coherix Robust 3D

Coherix Robust 3D Machine Vision Solutions

When machine vision first emerged on the scene 30 years ago, customers were intrigued with the technology and they wanted to know how it worked and were excited about creating their own solutions. Universities clamored to do research in every element which made up a machine vision system.  Everyone was eager to learn and delve into vision sensors and software.

However, the bloom is off the rose nowadays!  Customers don’t want to fool around with sensors and software; they want proven solutions that are 100% reliable.

Successful machine vision companies should deliver a multitude of “software.”  First, they should grasp an in-depth understanding of their customer’s industry, for customers don’t have the time to educate the machine vision supplier on their industry.  In addition, the machine vision companies should understand how their customer is organized and operates, because many of the end users are very large multi-billion-dollar global companies. Furthermore, the customers expect the machine vision company to understand the specific application they are attempting to error-proof.  To deliver a 100% reliable solution, the machine vision supplier should understand the application better than the customer does.

As a result, machine vision companies are becoming more focused on applications where the solutions can be replicated over several customers, and in some cases over multiple industries.

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