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Strategic Relationship with the University of Michigan


CEO Dwight Carlson spoke at the University of Michigan

Talents and technology are critical to high-tech companies like Coherix. This is why Coherix has nurtured good relationships with research professors at the University of Michigan (U-M) in Ann Arbor, which is located within a 10-minute drive. U-M annually performs $1.4 billion of basic research. In China, Coherix has developed a close relationship with U-M and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Joint Institute.

Coherix’s first product ShaPix3D™ is based on the holographic technology invented by Professor Emmett Leith. Over the span of founding three high-tech companies, Coherix management has worked closely with individual professors doing research in fields relevant to Coherix. The “brainstorming” sessions with professors are valuable in discovering solutions to complex problems. Professor Ni, Director of the S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center at U-M, as well as Founding Dean of the Joint Institute between U-M and SJTU, serves on Coherix’s Board of Directors. Coherix has also partnered with U-M to bring in millions of federal funding for manufacturing research projects focusing on creating Innovative Manufacturing Technology (IMT) to enhance competitiveness of global manufacturing companies.

U-M students also benefit from this relationship. Coherix provides them year-round internships and full-time career opportunities. When students are interning in Coherix, they get to work on exciting projects and interact with “big-name” customers. In addition, they get one-on-one mentoring on entrepreneurship from the CEO. During the internship, the students can explore Coherix to determine if it is the type of company they would like to join, and Coherix can determine if the student meets the qualifications to become a full-time Coherix team member. So far, the two-way “interviewing” process has worked quite well. Coherix regularly conducts workshops at U-M, where Coherix CEO Dwight Carlson shares industry trends as well as his entrepreneur experience with students, and encourages them to explore internship and career opportunities with Coherix. Groups of U-M students are hosted at Coherix for a day, which enables them to talk to engineers and experience the Coherix culture.

“Every day at Coherix, I get to learn something new from senior engineers who are very experienced and knowledgeable. I really enjoy working here.” says Zack, U-M graduate and full-time Coherix team member who started with the company as an intern.


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