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What makes Coherix a High-Valued Partner

Robust3D™ for piston pin circlip error-proofing in China

Robust3D™ for piston pin circlip error-proofing in China

Baby boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day.  As a result, the United States is losing a large portion of its experienced manufacturing workforce.   At the same time, global competitiveness, especially in the automotive industry, is becoming extremely fierce.  So it is imperative for auto companies to increase throughput with their existing manufacturing systems, while continuously improving quality.  To augment our customers’ remaining skill base, Coherix has invested heavily to become a high-valued partner by providing Robust3D™ error-proofing solutions.

Increasing throughput while improving quality requires reliable, high-speed, in-line error-proofing, which is what Coherix Robust 3D error-proofing solutions provide. Most importantly, our Robust 3D solutions enable manufacturers to see the “as-built” parts by providing 3-dimensional (3D) math model of the parts. The manufacturing world exists in 3 dimensions, so automated inspection machines should also be flexible, intelligent, and work collaboratively with humans.

To be a high-valued technology partner, Coherix understands the customers’ products and the specific applications within their manufacturing processes.   In the case of engines and transmissions, the products are quite complex. It is impossible to understand the various applications, if we don’t understand the products.  Recently, Coherix developed several high-speed in-line error-proofing solutions for powertrain customers, such as RTV bead verification, piston pin circlip error proofing, and valve assembly inspection.

A challenge in becoming a high-valued technology supplier is to match the technology with the customer’s problem.  It is also the technology supplier’s responsibility to understand the customer’s working environment, and to figure out how the solution would function in the plant.  Over the years, Coherix has geared its R&D efforts to solve specific customer problems. For instance, the latest Predator3D™ technology is designed to solve the RTV and structural adhesive bead volume and location challenge.

Coherix will continue to enhance its industry knowledge to deliver reliable error-proofing solutions to customers in the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries.


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