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What’s the big deal about 3D?

By Dallas C. Dort


Coherix Robust3D™ for Piston Bowl Volume Measuremen

Your eyes see in true 3D. You can tell what you are seeing by the way light falls on it, of course — but, because you have two eyes, you can also tell depth and shape by triangulation. Normal video — movies, photos, and 2D video in factories — cannot do that, and does not see in 3D. So 2D video is totally dependent upon how the scene is lit. Think about how your family is sometimes too dark compared to the sunset. Think about the picture quality when in a poorly lit room or a dark room. Now think your factory floor. Not an ideal lighting situation!

This is the value and importance of Coherix Robust3D™. It is real 3D, like your eyes (only better!) Robust3D can see better, so it is much more reliable and accurate. Let’s look at how and where this might matter to you:


There may be some areas of your factory where you would benefit from continuous in-line measurements but you simply can’t get them. It may be that, with Coherix 3D you can.

There may be areas where your continuous inline measurements are so temperamental and unreliable that you are forced into offline SPC backup.

There may be areas where inline mechanical measurement devices are working but are slow, incomplete, and expensive.

And there are probably some areas of your factory where 2D inline measurements are perfectly adequate — but, hey, wouldn’t it just be easier if the process saw in true 3D in those places, too?

So let’s wrap this up by asking whether it’d be a good idea for you to wear an eye patch. Of course, if you must, you can get by in most situations — but would you voluntarily limit yourself to one eye and 2D if you didn’t have to?

What a world it will be, when your factory systems and processes can see as well as you do!

That world is unfolding. Welcome to Coherix Robust (True) 3D!

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